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Drone Security System

Working with our customer we delivered a Automated Drone security system. Using a cloud based software to receive alerts from custom Security sensors and control drones proving real time camera feeds.

  • AWS Cloud Based solution

  • Custom NB-IOT Security Sensors

  • Responsive Web Front End

  • Secure Backend

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European Mustang Conversion

Upgrade kit for American mustangs to pass EU regulations. Advancing the original Ford design to include a Microcontroller based PCB allowing for many more user decided functionalities.

Prototyping Boards

Often starting a project is the hardest part, especially with IOT products. We help you get your product up and running as soon as possible with our range of prototyping boards. Our in house range of prototyping boards are cloud connected out of the box.

  • Well Written Documentation
  • Downloadable Example Programs
  • Electrical Simulation
  • £67.95
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Fleet Tracking

Complete GPS Fleet Tracking Solution. Custom 2G and NB IOT PCB

  • Real Time Location

  • Breadcrumb Trails

  • Geofencing

Smart Soles

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Smart soles uses AI to run patten anaylsis on a persons gate to detect anaomies.,

How We Build IOT

Lets us bring you idea to life

Building IOT solutions can be extremely complex and expensive due to the wide range of skills required. Where possible we build upon a single set of technologies to rapidly launch products.

We build as much as we can in house and aim to be a one stop shop for IOT products.

To take a piece of hardware from idea to 1000's of sensors deployed gathering useful BI insights requires knowledge in 5 domains

Find out how we do in each area below

AI & IoT

Teach your things to learn

Data science & Machine Learning: Teach machines to learn pattern recognition, Predict faults before they occur.
Smart Soles is a product that combines pressure sensors based on athletic shoes & Machine learning to give guidance on exercise form i.e. squatting


Building modern cloud web platforms

Writing Software for IOT can present some unique challenges. Devices in the field can produce huge quantities of data and not all can be streamed directly to the cloud. Software needs to be split between the edge where data is pre processed before results are sent to the cloud


Industrial design is the ultimate mix of form and function.  Using wood, steel, aluminum, PLA and many more materials, let us help you to create beautiful products that are durable and fit for purpose. Prototype rapidly using our on site fabrication workshops.

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems is where the hardware meets the software. We write code for Analogue & digital hardware. Looking to design a product to send data the maxium range with minium battery power? Low level code is where this happens.

Embedded Systems

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IOT would be nothing without the physical electronics. We develop small batch PCBs in house to speed up development times. For larger batches we use chinese manufacturers based in Shenzhen.