Build a prototype in 3 months

Take an idea off the drawing board into reality, Quickly get a product in front of future customers and investors.

Price €15,000 - €20,000*

Hardware & Software

Bring a real product into the world, build custom Hardware and connect
it to your software for a full IOT solution

Smart Soles uses Machine Learning to detect movement problems and create custom Insoles.

Ashram Labs built a prototype with custom PCB  and 3D printed box.

Laura from smart soles


Why 3 months?

3 Months gives the right balance between having a product that is complete enough to look like a real product without waiting too long for customer feedback.

Exacly how much will it cost?

Each project is of course different however we understand as a startup money is not endless. 15-20k gives a good ballpark of the price of most simple IOT devices.

Will my product be ready for market after 3 months?

Probably not, our goal within 3 months is to get an MVP (minimum viable product) up and running. When your ready to go into full scale production we can help find where in china to buy the best parts at the best prices, and how to scale your software.

If your product is only designed for small scale production 3 months may be enough. We should be able to handle production in-house.

How so fast?

We have software and hardware people in house as well as a mechanical and electrical lab, 

What will the prototype be able to do?

Show a working Product to customers and investors. Get feedback and find out what changes are needed to take your product into full production.